Grandparents and Grandkids: 15 Reasons This Relationship Is Awesome

What makes grandparents and grandkids so special? From the general silliness to the extra source of love, this bond is unbreakable

There’s a special bond between grandparents and grandkids. It’s a relationship based on love, appreciation, fun and pure joy. Becoming a grandparent is one of the most special moments of a person’s life, mainly because of this bond.

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Here are some of the reasons having grandchildren is so special:

1. Bond with your child in a new way 

Now that you’re both parents, you and your child have something huge in common. Use the common ground to strengthen your bond.

2. They have special names for you

Nana, Gran, Granny, Grandma, Memaw, GiGi — the list goes on and on. When a grandchild brands you, you become their person. You’re the only person in the world with that special title to them.

3. The hugs, oh the hugs!

There’s no better joy than one of your grandchildren or great-grandchildren running up to give you a big hug when she or he sees you.

4. Bring on the animated films!

You’re never too old to enjoy animated movies, and having grandkids means you’re not embarrassed when buying tickets to the new Pixar film. Go ahead and get yourself the kid’s popcorn meal!

5. Drop the enforcer hat

Most parents feel obligated to enforce rules and boundaries so their kids grow up to be good human beings. Since their moms and dads are handling that part, grandparents get to focus on having fun and building relationships with their grandkids.

6. Remember your kids when they were small

When you look into your granddaughter’s face, hear her little voice or spend time playing with her, you’ll be transported back to when her parent was small. What a sweet trip down memory lane!

7. Time to teach your passions

Do you love baking, photography, history, film or fishing? You now have more time to share it with a little one than you did when you were raising your own kids.

8. Learn new skills

Grandparents and grandkids can teach each other things. The learning goes both ways! Let your grandkids teach you how to use emojis appropriately or how to do the newest dance craze.

9. Gain a best friend

Yeah, you’ve probably uttered, “I’m your parent, not your friend” at some point. The same doesn’t have to be true for grandparents. Many kids list Grandma and Grandpa at the top of their list of best pals.

10. Sleepovers!

One of the best parts of being a grandparent is the sleepovers. When your favorite little girl can spend the night at your house every other weekend.

11. Priorities are realigned

Grandbabies and grandchildren gives you the opportunity to watch them explore the world around them. Watching them learn to walk or listening to them babble takes priority over so many tasks that just aren’t as important.

12. It’s a parenting do-over

Wish you were more patient when you were raising your kids? Or that you were the type of parent to spend hours working on craft projects together? Being a grandparent gives you the chance to do it again!

13. Watch them grow

Watching your granddaughter blossom from a shy little girl to a beautiful, smart, caring young lady is priceless.

14. Witness your kids being parents

A true source of joy for most grandparents is being able to watch their kids be great parents.

15. Be there to step in if needed

Being an involved grandparent means you’re always there to assist your family, and your grandchildren know they can count on you.


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