25 New Reasons to Hire a Babysitter

We all know that we need sitters for date-nights. But are there other times an extra set of hands could make your life easier? Take your to-do list, for example. Could an afternoon sitter play with the kids while you tackle house projects and errands? (Or better yet: Can you hire an organized person to do these for you?!) I know I could use some help rearranging my closet this time of year.
Here are a few reasons to hire extra help on the weekend or mid-week — or do some of these projects for you, so you can enjoy the nice weather with your family!


  1. Spend special one-on-one time with one of your children
  2. Meet friends for a catch-up lunch or dinner
  3. Start – and finish — a home project
  4. Get someone to mentor kids in a sport or activity they love
  5. Go to doctors’ appointments or visit someone in the hospital
  6. Schedule interruption-free workouts (before summer begins)
  7. Give grandparent-caregivers some time off
  8. Plan summer childcare and your summer vacation, uninterrupted
  9. Go grocery shopping (or any type of shopping) — alone
  10. Organize everyone’s closets for the new season
  11. Do the spring cleaning you never knew you had to do
  12. Redesign the playroom and remove old/unused toys while no one can see you!
  13. Prepare/host a dinner party while someone else plays and puts kids to bed
  14. Enjoy a well-earned spa day free from guilt, knowing your kids are having fun
  15. Give yourself a mid-day break, so you can come back revived and ready for anything the kids want to do
  16. Get the house cleaned by a housekeeper — so you can use that time to play with the kids!
  17. Enjoy a spontaneous lunch or dinner with your partner
  18. Take your older kids shopping for summer clothes
  19. Drive older kids to activities while you stay with a sleeping baby
  20. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure
  21. Meet with contractor/real estate agent, uninterrupted
  22. Get your vacation shopping or packing done in one day
  23. Attend a class and learn something new
  24. Start training for that half-marathon you’ve always been wanting to run!
  25. Enjoy outdoor theatre or see a movie – in an actual theatre!

On Care.com you can also hire a tutor, get a dog walker, or find an experienced gardener to help free up more of your time (and check things off your list) before summer begins.

What are some tasks that you need some extra help with this spring?



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