5 Ways to Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day

What do Moms want for Mother’s Day? Let’s start with the basics: A happy and healthy family, and a happy and healthy Mom. These are the things that really matter. But here are some fun ideas to remind Mom just how much she’s appreciated – on a day when we all stop to appreciate our Moms.
Provide Morning Delight
Let your Mom know she can sleep in with a gift of a new pair of comfy, cozy pyjamas the night before, along with a book she’s been dying to read or a collection of her favourite magazines for when she wakes up. You can include a small card with an outline of what you plan to do the following day, or some creative hints for what she can expect.
Make the surprise complete with a bedside bunch of flowers in the morning and breakfast in bed, or make a reservation for the family at your Mom’s favourite brunch restaurant.

Give Her Me-Time with Spending Money
Mom might be the hardest person to shop for, so the practical side of you says “a gift certificate is the perfect gift.” And it probably is. But it still comes across as a last-minute gift that you didn’t put much thought into. So here’s what you do: Give her a day to shop for herself. And make a lunch reservation at her favorite restaurant near her favorite store where she can meet her girlfriends for a mid-day rally. The gift certificate, plus time to herself, plus coordinating with the other Dads, makes this an amazing Mother’s Day surprise.

Plan a Surprise Activity Together
Mother’s Day is the perfect time to spend quality family time together. Try a new hiking trail, take a day trip to explore a new town, visit a museum or hit an outdoor concert the kids would also enjoy. If looking to re-live some of your pre-kids days, book a sitter and play tennis or rent kayaks. A pre-planned day of “together time” (with or without kids) can be the perfect gift.

Take Care of It
You know what one of Mom’s favourite phrases is? “I’ll take care of it.” So here’s what you do: All those things she’s been nudging you to do! Before Mother’s Day, make sure you have fixed (or hired someone to fix) all the house needs. Then take care of the grocery shopping, laundry, meals and cleaning. And let Mom relax completely. Tip: Don’t ask her questions. If you need help or advice, ask someone besides Mom!

Create Something Just for Mom
Show Mom you can work as a team with the kids to create something unique and special that Mom can keep forever. Try kids’ handprints on paper flowers or on a plain cushion cover, or make extra-special Mother’s Day cupcakes, ‘I love you Mom’ bookmarks made by your kids, or write a poem together and frame it. There are lots of great DIY gift ideas with step-by-step help on Pinterest.

What is your favourite gift to give Mom?
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