7 Tips for Enjoying the Summer with Your Kids

As the weather gets warmer and we inch closer to summer, now is the time to make room for summer planning in your schedule to make sure you don’t let the season and all it has to offer pass you by.
Here are 7 tips to help you enjoy the season with your kids or the kids you nanny for.

1. Decide on a Summer Project to Do Together
Use the new season to define a 1-3 month project that you can do with the kids. For example: create a ‘What We Did This Summer’ scrap book or photo album to give to grandparents or family; make a fun patchwork quilt for the winter; place pins on a map marking where you travelled or went biking, camping or hiking as a family over the summer; learn a new language together; make a DIY puppet theatre with hand-made puppets to keep the kids and their friends entertained. Whatever you decide, let us know how it went [link to Facebook page], we’d love to hear from you.

2. Write a List of Summer Events / Activities in Your Community
Discuss events that you’d like to attend as a family, whether it’s exploring a new beach, going to a concert, or going on (another) scavenger hunt. Make sure you purchase tickets to special events now, so you don’t miss out. Tip: Google local family events calendar and pre-plan your summer days or weekends.

3. Try One New Recipe Each Week
There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables in season during the summer. And getting kids to pick them out and help you cook them is a great way to get them to love eating healthfully too. Find a local farmer’s market and choose a new seasonal goodie to try each week. Use Pinterest for great recipe ideas!

4. Plan an Awesome Summer Party
With everyone planning vacations at different times, now is the time to send out save the dates for a summer party or barbecue with friends and family. Start planning the guest list, menu, kids activities and venue now, so that you don’t have any last-minute stress before the event. Want to up the ante? Make it a (kid-friendly) theme party and call it an annual tradition.

5. Book Your Summer Vacation
This goes without saying, but it’s surprising how many people put off planning their vacation until it’s too late and flights and accommodation become too expensive. You may also want to check in with friends and family interstate or overseas to see if there is a time that suits them for you to visit.

6. Try a New Sport
Make sure you take advantage of the good weather and spend as much time outside as possible. Whether it’s bird spotting, swimming, kayaking, biking, or hiking, try something new or change-up something you already love to do as a family. Start researching and budgeting for equipment you may need to hire or buy now.

7. Do Something No One will Forget
Whether it’s camping in the backyard, going to a water park or going on a wild family trip, do one thing your kids will never forget (or at least you hope they won’t). Part of this strategy will be using their “Dream List” of things to do for inspiration.

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