Babysitters for Stay-at-Home Parents

Babysitters for Stay-at-Home Parents
A friend of mine just recently hired a part-time nanny. She happens to be a stay-at-home mom and for 16 hours a week over three different days, she gets things done. She goes to the grocery store, runs by the post office, picks up gifts for yet another birthday party, goes to her daughter’s ballet class during her son’s nap time, and sometimes, she even squeezes in some time at the gym.
While she initially felt guilty about needing help, she said she gets things done faster and feels better about the time she’s with her kids – because she’s actually with them. Not to mention, they have a great nanny who engages them while she might not be able to.
This isn’t someone I’d describe as wealthy. She told me that she and her husband decided to budget for a nanny, to help her mid-week chaos. (She said she was snapping at her husband as soon as he walked in the door, and her stress-level was hurting their relationship, let alone her relationship with her kids.) With two kids, and one on the way, she needed help.
As a working parent, this was so interesting to hear. First, I applaud anyone who can stop a stressed-out caregiver situation before it gets out of control. And – clearly as the founder of — I love to hear that a babysitter, or part-time nanny can be a solution. But I also thought “I wonder how many stay at home parents could use some time to themselves – just to go grocery shopping!?”
Sometimes hiring a babysitter isn’t a luxury. It’s a sanity-keeper.
When you’re home with your kids, there’s no such thing as a lunch break. There’s no such thing as running a little late. You are on every minute of every day. So instead of leaving work for an hour, you’re spending double the time and energy getting the kids out the door, avoiding mid-store meltdowns and trying to make it through a doctor’s appointment without raising your blood pressure (I have a friend who held her 1-year old on her stomach at a visit to the OB-GYN!).
So tell me, what is the hardest thing you do with your kids? Would you pay a sitter to care for your kids so you could spend more quality time with them later?



  1. Babysitters for Stay-at-Home Parents
    Jillian | Thursday,December 01.2016

    I’m a stay at home mom to 3 kids and trying to get anything done is simply impossible. They are all in school full time now and I’ve started to work from home part time. Just last year we hired a maid to help with the house. Everyone thought we must be made of money and even had the few comments of how lazy I was and that it was my “job”. I could tidy but never had the time for a real clean and my stress about it was hurting our whole family. Now even when the house is messy I can at least breath a little easier knowing that floors and bathrooms are clean, well 2 weeks dirty at the most. This past summer I hired our neighbours kids to babysit the kids every other Monday & Tuesday so I could focus on my job at its busiest and when my work was done I would go get groceries while my kids were with the neighbours. My kids 9, 8 & 6 are good kids but are extremely active and constantly bugging each other and/or me. At stores it’s never ending fights, nagging, and all round stressful. The year my youngest went to school full time everyone asked what I will do with my free time and my honest answer was grocery shop without breaking into tears. The upkeep of the house and outside errands were completely wearing me down physically and more so emotionally. I now have time to get my work done, have healthy meals, help with homework and run to every party, gym and rink without a complete breakdown. My relationship with my kids has changed so I can actually enjoy them rather then be angry and my marriage has really turned a corner. For years I was constantly resenting my husband for going to work every day and not helping me and not understanding what it was like to spend every day at home and accomplishing nothing. Now we talk more and spend our nights in peace rather then fighting about what now are the little things but before seemed the big things. I still could use more help as I think anyone can. I’m lucky enough to be able to get the help I needed and stopped worrying about what others thought about me. I think of myself as super mom now that I have help and without it I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water. We are all super moms in our own ways and if you need help don’t be afraid to ask for it. Even if it’s not paying for help, friends and family can really help out with the little things.

  2. Babysitters for Stay-at-Home Parents
    Cher | Monday,December 05.2016

    Yes, I feel like the mom described. I am too feeling the need for extra help that will allow me to get things done faster and have a little extra time for myself!

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