How Much Should You Tip Your Nanny, Babysitter or Caregiver?

You tip the postal workers and give gifts to the preschool teachers – but do you need to tip your sitters and nannies too?
The short answer is yes. And I can break down just how much for each care-person in your life below. But I also want to shed a little light on why it’s important to tip your caregivers.

This is your chance to show just how much you appreciate all they’ve done and how much they’ve helped you throughout the year. Whether they’ve tended your kids, cared for your parents, looked after your pets, or cleaned your home, they’ve been constants.
They’ve been reliable, trustworthy and accountable. They’ve created great relationships with the people they’re caring for. If you can look back at the year and say “He/she’s made our lives better/easier/happier” than this person deserves something special at the holidays… and the most universally needed gift is money.

Nannies: I’ll start with a profession that’s different from the rest. Your nanny might be full-time or part-time, but she is more than help. She has become part of the family – and you depend on her insight, creativity, guidance and compassion. She has the day-shift as you work as a team to raise these amazing kids. Because of her importance in your lives, she gets the biggest tip. It’s really a year-end bonus.
Suggested amount: One to two week’s pay.

Babysitters: I don’t suggest tipping every sitter who has ever worked for you. But do you have a regular person who’s always there for you – even at the last minute? Do you have someone who just loves those kids and wants to do more than just put them to bed? That’s who you can give a holiday tip to. A little extra spending money to show your thanks will only make her more eager to help you next year.
Suggested amount: An average night’s pay ($30-$60).

Day Care Teachers: You can buy the whole day care center something nice to share, but the best gift is gift cards. Make sure you cover your child’s primary teacher – and the assistants.
Suggested amounts: $25-50 for head teacher; $10-25 for assistants.

Housekeepers: If you have a regular person or team that helps make your home look like a page in a magazine (you know, for 30 minutes before the kids take it back over), show her your gratitude this season.
Suggested amount: An average week’s pay. However, if your cleaner only comes a few times a year, give her something extra to say thanks ($30-60). You’ll want her to keep making you a priority next year.

Dog Walkers: Same level of appreciation you would have for a sitter or nanny, but he/she cares for your dog.
Suggested amount: Range from a day to a week’s pay.

Dog Sitters or Daycares: Again, this goes for someone your pup goes to regularly. If it’s at a drop-off location, you can bring the team a basket of treats. Or, give them each gift cards of $25, or more. A sitter who comes to your house –especially if you use him/her over the holidays – should have a tip added to the final tally.
Suggested amount: An average day’s pay.

Senior Care: If you manage someone who comes to your house — or your parent’s house — you’ll want to treat them well at the holidays. Or suggest that your parent does.
Suggested amount: An average week’s pay.

It’s important to note that if you don’t have a good feeling tipping someone — if you feel like their work was only “okay” and not great – then you shouldn’t tip them. But if you have that feeling, you should really look into making a change in the New Year. You don’t have to live with just “okay.” Tipping or giving bonuses might cause a shift in your holiday budgeting – but it should make you feel good to reward these loving, dutiful caregivers in your life. You’re taking care of the people who take care of you all year. And if you really can’t afford to tip, write a hand-written note saying how important this person is to you. It’s likely your caregiver has a sense that money is tight –especially if she sees you every day and can tell you’re not splurging on other things.

What do you think? Will you be tipping this holiday season?



  1. How Much Should You Tip Your Nanny, Babysitter or Caregiver?
    Hmmm.. | Monday,December 21.2015

    I am not sure at all about one week’s pay for a senior caregiver. My dad’s caregivers make between $750 and $850 per week, they get paid vacation weeks, they get overtime for any hours over 40, and a week’s wages seems like a really big tip to me. Who gets an $800 tip? Does this really happen? This is stressing me out. I was planning on giving $150 to each and a bottle of wine 🙁

  2. How Much Should You Tip Your Nanny, Babysitter or Caregiver?
    Gayle | Friday,January 29.2016

    Hi don’t stress out . I’m a caregiver and would be very happy with what your offering. Don’t believe everything you read.

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