Oh Mariah, You Clearly Don’t Get It

In a recent radio interview, Mariah Carey announced that she fires nannies like “this” and snapped her fingers to show the speed in which she kicks people to the streets.
Why so picky? She doesn’t want anyone getting too close to her 3-year old twins. She explains: “And I hate doing it, but I have to because if they try to make themselves more important in the baby’s mind than me.”

Oh, Mariah. Sweet Mariah. You just don’t get a nannies’ role, do you?
Let’s start with what all working parents know. We know that it hurts when your child accidentally calls her nanny, “Mama.” Or calls you by the nanny’s name. We know our hearts fall to the pit of our stomachs when our babies reach for their nanny instead of us. But we also know that this is exactly why we hired them.
I interviewed 22 nannies before I found “the one.” (Let’s call her Mary.) And it wasn’t experience that drew me to the winning candidate. It was the nurturing, love and creativity I saw in her. I knew she’d love my babies. I knew she’d become part of our family, and treat these children like her own. And I also knew Mary had traits and interests that I flat-out don’t – engaging my kids with things like cooking, enjoying messy crafts, and playing in the snow.
Yes, there are many weekends we spend at a crafts store buying lots of goodies for the kids to do with their nanny (she is so clever!). And when the snow falls on a Sunday afternoon and I want to make hot cocoa and cookies, we get out the igloo building kit for Monday with Mary.
I thank God for this second Mom in our family on a daily basis!
But I also know that there’s really no replacing the love a parent gives. My kids still run to me every evening, reach for me when they bonk their heads, and light up for each “Mommy Day.” So Mariah should feel comfortable knowing that she will always be Mama Numero Uno to her babies, as long as she’s giving them quality time (better than quantity!), adoration and structure.
Mariah, you and I both work really hard. And I know we both love our kids with every ounce of our souls. People may criticize the fact that we leave our children in a non-family member’s care each day, but regardless of why we do this, leaving them with someone they love almost as much as their mom (or dad) — is a gift. This is what the best nannies do – they love and help raise your kids like a parent would. But they do not want to take your place. Just like your husband doesn’t want to usurp your role either. Each person can play different parts – all coming together to raise the best children possible.



  1. Oh Mariah, You Clearly Don’t Get It
    Monica Rosa | Thursday,June 12.2014

    Love this Article, if all parents will read this they will realize that when hiring a nanny and especially a total stranger in your home to take care of your most precious one, you have to know and understand that she is going to show them love and understanding and take care of all their daily needs and in return the children is going to give love back and look up to that person for protection in their daily routine.

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