Time for a New Nanny?

The New Year brings a lot of changes – and evaluations. I like to clean out my closets. If I haven’t worn something in over a year, I donate it. It’s also the time our company does performance reviews to talk about strengths and challenges we want to work on in the next year.
I’ve also found that a lot of our members like to evaluate their care plan this time of year.
An employee here recently left work a little early on a nice day and popped in on her nanny and son at the playground. Her nanny was calmly sitting on the park bench. But her 3-year old son was playing “baseball” (no bats or balls, just running bases in some game he’d concocted like creative, wild 3-year olds can be!) with another nanny and 3-year old in the field. Everyone was fine, but Mom had a realization – her calm, pleasant, nurturing nanny couldn’t match the energy level of her bouncing, sprinting, leaping 3-year old boy.
It was time for a new nanny.
If you were to do it over again, would you hire the same nanny for your child? What qualities have you found are most important in care providers?
Sometimes these changes can be made with a discussion, like with performance reviews. You could ask your nanny to sit down and discuss the year ahead. This is a great time to update your nanny contract as well. Or, you might feel you need a whole new personality who is a better fit for your evolving family. (One tip: If you decide it’s time for a change, make sure you give your current nanny proper notice. We suggest 2 weeks.)
Tell us – what do you love most about your nanny – or what would you change?

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  1. Time for a New Nanny?
    Gabriela Velazquez | Thursday,January 12.2017

    So she decided to sack the nanny based on one single thing she saw. Just like that. Maybe the nanny was just taking a breather from her mistress working her ass to the ground on a minimum salary. Maybe the nanny was old/er. When her husband dump her for a younger woman, it will just be cosmic justice.

  2. Time for a New Nanny?
    A Ryecroft | Thursday,January 12.2017

    It’s not only time for the employer to reevaluate it’s also time for us care givers to reevaluate our current situations. As a nanny, I ask myself, is this the position I signed up for? Have your employer’s expectations, (which should have been discussed at the beginning of your employment), stayed consistent? Or have you found yourself called upon to do tasks for which you didn’t sign up? (I recently had a nanny friend mention that she had agreed to pick up after the children in her care, but now the mother was leaving notes expecting her to clean the bathroom twice a week). As nanny’s we know there is no definite set of tasks that will cover every job we do. We must evolve with the children for whom we care. Not only should we evolve, but our employer’s need to as well. Don’t be afraid to tell your employer “I will happily help but I will expect extra compensation”. Most employers are open to having a conversation about a changing work environment. If you find neither of you can make time, leave a note. In my experience, if you’re a good nanny, your employer would rather make sure you’re both happy rather than break in a new nanny. Always remember trust goes both ways.

  3. Time for a New Nanny?
    Mj | Thursday,January 12.2017

    This is hardly fair

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